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Financial Info

We believe in affordable dentistry. Our flexible payment options make it possible for patients to fit their family's dentistry into their budgets. By working with financing partners and offering interest-free options for orthodontics, we make it possible for you to have the dentistry you need now and to spread out payments over time.

For patients more concerned about the overall cost of treatment, our pre-payment discount reduces expenses. That is money that stays in your wallet.

If you have specific questions about the cost of your procedure or payment options, give us a call. Our knowledgeable team is here to help.

Payment Options

We accept the following forms of payment at Avondale Dental Centre:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards

Financing Options for Q Card Holders

Using Q Card means a minimum of three months interest-free on purchases to protect your smile. At Avondale Dental Centre, we offer up to twelve months interest-free on your dental treatment plan. To learn more about the details, you can contact our clinic or refer to the link below, where you can also apply for a Q Card.

Click here to find out more

5% Pre-Payment Discount

For treatment plans over $2000, we offer a prepayment discount designed to reduce your overall cost of treatment. Depending on the complexity of the treatment plan, our pre-payment discount can mean big savings.

We welcome you to get in touch to learn more about how we make dentistry affordable in Avondale.

Interest-Free Orthodontic Plans

After paying a percentage of treatment up front, we offer a pay-as-you-go option, interest-free, to help families fit necessary orthodontic care into their budgets. Our families with multiple children appreciate this option, as it makes orthodontics affordable for the whole family.

We encourage our adult patients who opt for Invisalign to take advantage of this opportunity as well.


    Book your FREE Orthodontic | Invisalign consult today and learn about what options are available to you when it comes to getting a healthier, straighter smile. 

    Our obligation FREE consult with Dr Najar includes

    • Free Examination
    • Treatment plan and costing discussion

    Contact us for more information on 09 828 7484. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sedation Dentistry Auckland AvondaleMany patients have anxiety regarding their dental procedure, which is often based on a negative experience. As a result, many patients avoid the surgery, causing their oral health to suffer.

Our Avondale Dental Centre dentists look forward to turning dentistry into a positive experience that complements your healthcare regimen.

Our dentists, Dr Najar, Dr Crum and Dr Nekrutenk, are gentle and compassionate with our patients, both in their dentistry and how they care for patients overall. Developing rapport and building trust is often enough to help anxious patients feel at ease.

If patients need a little help relaxing or have complex treatment plans, sedation dentistry provides a solution and makes it possible for those who have avoided the surgery for years to finally complete treatment for a healthy smile.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral sedation requires medication an hour before the procedure. While conscious, most people report feeling relaxed and have few memories of their experience. 

IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation makes it possible to adjust the level of sedation throughout the procedure through intravenous delivery. IV sedation works well for lengthy appointments and for people who require a deeper state of relaxation.

For patient safety, we monitor blood pressure and oxygen levels for the duration of the appointment. 

Because both oral sedation and IV sedation use long-lasting medications, having someone accompany you home from your appointment is necessary.

A consultation and medical history will help us determine if sedation dentistry is safe for you.

Disclaimer: The information throughout this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice.
Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
To all our valued patients. Your safety and care is our priority. 
We want you to know that we can now provide routine dental care under Level 2 restrictions. Our team will continue to implement additional infection control precautions to keep you, our staff, and the community safe. Please call us today to make an appointment on 09 828 7484.