IV Sedation Dentistry in Avondale, Auckland

Many people find a trip to the dental clinic intimidating and a source of stress. This can keep patients from seeking the dental care necessary to maintain good oral health and a comfortable smile. When neglected for too long, oral health and comfort suffer and minor dental conditions can progress into serious treatment, which is often more invasive and more costly.

Sleep Dentistry for Relaxing Dental Visits in Avondale

woman scared at dentist | sedation dentistry avondale aucklandAt Avondale Dental Centre, Dr Sinan Najar, Dr David Crum and Dr Lana Nekrutenk are passionate about helping patients take control of their health, and to that end, we offer IV sedation, or sleep dentistry, to reduce dental anxiety to make it possible for fearful patients to seek treatment.

Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry

Many people find sedation dentistry beneficial and a welcome complementary treatment to accompany their procedures.

  • Anxious or fearful patients
  • Patients with a strong gag reflex
  • Patients who have challenges sitting for lengthy appointments
  • Patients who experience difficulty getting numb
  • Patients with extensive treatment
  • Patients with mental or physical conditions that cause involuntary movements

If you feel that IV sedation will improve your experience at Avondale Dental Centre, we welcome you to arrange a consultation to determine if IV sedation will benefit you.

IV Sedation Treatment 

Before we use IV sedation, we will examine medical history, medication and dental records to determine if sedation is a safe option for you. In some cases, we may consult with medical providers.

Iwoman in hammock | auckland nz dentistV sedation is administered intravenously, making it possible to control the level of sedation throughout the appointment.

Minimal sedation – you are awake but relaxed
Moderate sedation – you are completely relaxed and may not remember your visit
Deep sedation – you are conscious, but on the brink of sleep

We monitor vitals including blood pressure, oxygenation and pulse throughout treatment. Your safety and comfort is our top priority.

Post-Sedation Care

Because the effects of IV sedation are long lasting, having someone accompany you to and from your appointment is necessary and will improve your safety. You will not be able to drive yourself. After IV sedation, it is best to take the rest of the day to relax and rest comfortably as the medication completely leaves the system.

It is also advisable to avoid making any important decisions until the effect of the medication wears off completely. You should feel normal the following day, and most patients can resume their normal activities if they are feeling up to it.

Will Sleep Dentistry Benefit You? Contact Avondale Dental Centre

Contact our Avondale dental clinic to arrange a consultation with one of our gentle and experienced dentists. We want to help you find a way to have your treatment comfortably, and without anxiety so that you have a healthy smile you feel great about.