Dental Emergencies in Avondale, Auckland

Dental emergencies can be alarming and disrupt your routine. When a toothache or oral pain exists, it becomes impossible to think of anything else and can affect sleep and work as well as wreck weekend activities.Dental Emergencies illustration | Avondale AK

A dental emergency appointment will stabilise your condition and address any pain you may have with palliative care.

We are here when you need us most.

Our Avondale dentists, Dr Najar, Dr Crum and Dr Nekrutenk, reserve bookings specifically for emergency dentistry. We welcome you to get in touch at the first sign of discomfort or if you lose or damage a dental restoration.

Dental pain rarely goes away and often increases in intensity when left untreated.

How Do I Know if I Have a Dental Emergency?

Anytime you have pain, calling our clinic will give us a chance to talk things over and determine if an emergency dental visit is necessary. If you damage or knock out a tooth, time is of the highest importance as our chances of saving your tooth improve with prompt care.

Common dental emergencies include:

  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Inflammation and pain
  • A broken tooth or crown
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Sudden discolouration

If you have a dental condition and you’re not sure if you need an emergency booking, call our dental centre and we can help you determine whether you need to come in.

Root Canal Diagram | Avondale Auckland Root Canal Treatment in Avondale

One of the most common dental emergencies is an infection of the pulp or nerve of the tooth. This requires either root canal therapy or extraction to relieve painful symptoms and eliminate the infection.

While many patients dread a root canal diagnosis because they associate root canals with pain, this tooth-saving procedure relieves pain, and with modern anaesthetic and rotary instruments, should feel no different than a filling.

It is common to have some residual pain for a few days as the body heals. This can typically be managed with an anti-inflammatory medication. Once your tooth recovers completely and all signs of infection have resolved, we may recommend a dental crown to reinforce the tooth.

Dental Extractions at Avondale Dental Centre

Not all extractions are an emergency. Some, such as orthodontic extractions and wisdom teeth, are planned. If you have a tooth that cannot be restored, such as one that is broken at the gumline or in cases of advanced periodontal disease, we may advise an emergency dental extraction to protect your health.

We offer a number of teeth replacement treatment procedures to complete your smile and will recommend removing a tooth only if all other options are unavailable.

Do You Have Tooth Pain?

Pain is the body’s way of alerting you that something is wrong. We welcome you to get in touch so that we can provide you with the gentle, personalised dentistry you deserve. Avondale Dental Centre always welcomes new patients of all ages.