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How Dental Crowns Can Protect Your Teeth

November 3, 2021
Posted By: Avondale Dental Centre
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When it comes to protecting your teeth, dental crowns can be a great option in several situations. Besides their cosmetic advantages, the oral health benefits associated with dental crowns brighten smiles and restore some critical aspects of oral health. 

Protecting a Weakened Tooth

Over time teeth can go through quite a bit, and structural damage is bound to occur for some and will ultimately weaken or destroy teeth. Luckily, dental crowns can strengthen a weakened tooth in some of the following situations:

  • Tooth decay
  • Broken teeth (due to trauma)
  • Protecting a tooth that required a filling
  • Placement on top of a dental implant 
  • To cover teeth that don’t fit with the rest due to discolouration or noticeable differences in size 

If a professional has recommended a dental crown or if you are experiencing some of the dental situations listed above, our clinic warmly serves our local Avondale community as well as New Lynn, Blockhouse Bay, and Waterview, and we are available to help.

Crowns Can Have Considerable Longevity 

Deciding to have a dental crown placed over an existing tooth or in the place of a missing one is more than a procedure; it is an investment in your oral health. When taken care of properly- dental crowns can last decades. However, just like a normal tooth, dental crowns are subject to chipping and cracking but may still be repaired instead of requiring a full replacement. 

Crowns Can Improve the Functionality of Your Teeth

Does chewing feel different or even painful compared to how it used to? An altered or rotting tooth may drastically change the way our mouths feel and function while eating. The placement of a dental crown can remedy and completely change the look and health of a specific tooth and make eating a more enjoyable experience.

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