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Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Avondale

November 24, 2020
Posted By: Avondale Dental Centre
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If you dread root canal treatment, you may have been exposed to the myths. In reality, root canal treatment is not painful—rather, it is pain relieving.

When your dentist recommends a root canal, it is because you have an infection deep in the root and pulp of your tooth. This can cause extreme discomfort and swelling. On rare occasions, you may not experience pain, especially if the root canal is only just developing or if the tooth root is damaged and no longer conductive. In either case, treatment is crucial to save your tooth and prevent extraction.

How We Perform Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist in Avondale gently numbs the treatment site and extracts the infected tissues from your tooth. We then provide a temporary filling to promote healing. After a week or two, you return to our dental clinic for a tooth-coloured filling or a dental crown.

Your dentist recommends a dental crown if the infection weakened your tooth. The crown is a cap that fits over your tooth to protect it from fracture. It is always designed to complement neighbouring teeth.

Prevent Root Infections with Regular Dental Appointments and More

Proactive dentistry, including exams and teeth cleans, is the best way to lower your risks for root infections, cavities, and gum disease.

Your dental exam looks for emerging issues and your professional teeth clean gets rid of the bacteria that promote oral health conditions like root infections.

You should also brush and floss your teeth regularly and always before bed to maintain a healthy smile.

And if you suffer an injury to your tooth, it is important to inform your dentist. An injury can often lead to root infection.

Are You Suffering from a Toothache?

If you have tooth pain, jaw swelling or a blister on your gum, it may mean you have a root infection. We invite you to contact a member of our dental team for treatment.

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