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Will my child need dental braces?

two girls playing dentist | Orthodontist in AucklandYour child’s dentist in Avondale, Auckland typically performs an orthodontic evaluation on children around age seven. This is because we have a clearer picture at this age and can better determine whether orthodontics is the best course.

Early evaluations and interceptive orthodontics in children may shorten treatment times and eliminate the need for extraction before getting braces later.

Interceptive Orthodontics in Avondale

Interceptive orthodontics may include:

  • Palatal expanders
  • Space maintainers
  • Traditional braces

Palatal expanders promote palate growth to help prevent overcrowding, and space maintainers hold spaces for adult teeth—acting as guides—when baby teeth are lost too soon.  

The interceptive steps are designed to help your child achieve a straight adult smile. Meanwhile, straight teeth may contribute to development, speech, and bite function.

If your child does need braces, we provide a retainer following orthodontic treatment. This retainer keeps the teeth in their straight positions and protects your child from orthodontic relapse in the future.

Is It Time for Your Child’s Orthodontic Evaluation in Avondale, Auckland?

The first step is always a consultation. Your dentist will look at jaw health and size as well as bone development to determine whether your child would benefit from interceptive orthodontics.

If you’re ready to get your child started, we welcome your call.

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