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How much does it cost to crown a tooth?

Dental crowns may be part of your dental benefit under specific plans. However, for cosmetic purposes, there may be a fee. Your dentist will let you know the cost after your evaluation. The reason is that the price can vary based on the level of difficulty, crown type, and more.

How Does The Dental Crown Process Work?

We use dental crowns widely across dentistry. For example, a dental crown restores tooth stability if your tooth is weak following infection or trauma. A dental crown canolder couple hugging | dental crowns auckland also cover tooth flaws in cosmetic dentistry. And in tooth replacement, dental crowns cap dental implant posts (replacement roots) and anchor bridge teeth to supporting teeth to complete your smile.

And dental crowns require minimal care. As with natural teeth, brush and floss regularly and visit your Auckland dentist for exams and teeth cleans. You should also avoid biting on ice or sticky foods like taffy.

For More on Dental Crowns in Auckland, We Encourage Your Call

A tooth crown can save your weak, damaged tooth or improve its appearance by hiding flaws. To learn how much your tooth crown will cost—or if this restoration is suitable for your specific oral health issue—we welcome your call to arrange a consultation with the dentist.

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