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How much does Invisalign cost?

Does your smile seem a bit out of line? Or have you noticed food getting stuck behind parts of your teeth due to their misalignment? When it comes to straightening teeth, most people immediately think of braces, but why go through all of the repeated appointments and deal with wires and metal in your mouth for an extended time? Many patients are now turning to Invisalign to straighten up their smiles and achieve the cosmetic appearance they’ve been after.

Cost of Invisalign in Auckland

Invisalign can provide excellent results and may achieve a much straighter smile, minus all of the metal involved with traditional braces. The Invisalign process is particular to the patient’s mouth, thus dictating the cost of treatment due to the custom made trays used throughout the alignment process. The best way to determine the cost of Invisalign is by speaking with your dentist to assess your individual needs and find the best course of action in realigning your smile.

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