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How do you make same-day crowns?

Woman | One Day Crowns Avoldale Dental technology advances quickly. One of the modern services we introduced to Avondale Dental Centre is CEREC same-day dental crowns. 

How CEREC Crowns are Created

CEREC uses computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) through the software we use and our in-house milling device. We take a digital impression of the tooth or teeth and upload the data to our software to design your restoration. From this data, our milling device fabricates your dental restoration out of durable ceramic.

Once the proper size and shape of the dental crown is determined, Dr Najar, Dr Crum or Dr Nekrutenk will apply the appropriate colour and shading to match adjacent teeth.

CEREC crowns offer quality and convenience, eliminating the need to wait for a lab-fabricated dental crown and a temporary restoration.

In some cases, however, we may recommend a lab-created crown. In these cases, we use a reputable local dental lab with skilled technicians for the finest results. We discuss all options with our patients and the benefits of each. The treatment path we take depends on your goals for the health and appearance of your smile.

CEREC Dental Crowns in Avondale

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