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How often should I see my dentist in Avondale, Auckland?

At Avondale Dental Centre, we often recommend twice-yearly teeth cleans and exams. These practices can help lower your risks for gum disease, cavities, and other potentially serious oral health complications. Your dentist in Avondale wants you to maintain your smile for life.Woman at Dentist | Avondale Dental Centre

What Happens at a Dental Exam?

Dental exams help your dentist spot small problems or emerging issues before they become expensive or time-consuming issues for you. Regular dental exams also mean ongoing oral cancer screenings.

Professional teeth cleans mean clearing away the bacteria and tartar that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Aside from regular dental visits, it is essential to adopt a good oral hygiene routine at home to work in tandem with your exams and cleans. It is also helpful to avoid acidic and sugary foods and beverages.

If you have an ongoing dental issue like gingivitis or gum disease, your dentist in Avondale may customize your treatment schedule to keep your smile healthier.

Avondale Dental Centre

Our goal is always to help you maintain a healthy and comfortable smile. If you would like some custom oral care tips, we recommend speaking with a member of our team during exams and cleans.

If you have any questions about oral care and dental exams between visits, we encourage you to

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